Time Management Skills Worksheet

GinaMarie Guarino, LMHC GinaMarie Guarino, LMHC

Worksheet updated on June 14th, 2021

Time Management Skills Worksheet

Life gets stressful for everyone. Managing all of the responsibilities that come in a day can be challenging, and it is not uncommon for people to struggle with managing time and stress. Whether a person takes on too much at once or has unexpected changes in their lives, time management is not always easy and smooth.

When a person struggles with time management, they will also struggle with stress management. Without proper time management skills, affected people will find it challenging to keep up with all of the pressures of work, life, and self-care. That is why it is important to have healthy time management skills. Without time management skills, stress management is often impossible.

About This Worksheet

This is the Time Management Skills worksheet. This worksheet provides insight on methods to manage time while also being mindful of self-care. When a client is struggling with stress, they are often struggling with time and self-care as well. Developing a routine for time management, self-care, and stress management can begin with the Time Management Skills worksheet.

This worksheet is a great resource for adolescents and adults who are struggling with time management in their weekly routine. It is helpful for clients to learn how to manage their time and prioritize resting hours. It also helps clients learn how to be realistic about what they can take on. It can work well in individual and group sessions.


Review the importance of time management skills with your client and relate the concept to their struggles with stress and self-care. Explain the concept of a Time Sink and how to be realistic about how much time and energy your client can commit to each area of their life.

Read the instructions with the client and make sure that they understand how to complete the worksheet. Encourage the client to commit time limits to each Time Sink and prioritize breaks for self-care. Then allow the client time to complete the worksheet. Provide the client with a copy of the worksheet to take home for reference.

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