Grounding Techniques Worksheet

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Worksheet updated on May 7th, 2023

Grounding Techniques Worksheet

Managing uncomfortable feelings can be challenging at times, but it is not always so tedious when you have the right tools. Coping skills are important because they teach you what to do in the moment when you are feeling uncomfortable or triggered. Knowing how to calm yourself down can help you feel more comfortable, manage stress, and prevent upsetting experiences, like outbursts or panic attacks.

A set of coping skills that can help manage anxiety is grounding techniques. Grounding techniques are used to help you recenter your mind in the present moment. Instead of focusing on your anxious thoughts, use grounding techniques to help you refocus on the present moment.

About This Worksheet

This is the Grounding Techniques worksheet. This worksheet offers instructions on how to complete 3 different types of grounding techniques. Each of these techniques can be used in the moment of high stress and can help with reducing racing thoughts and slowing down elevating emotions.

This worksheet is great for adolescents and adults who are learning coping skills for stress, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, and other challenges. It can be utilized in individual and group settings.


This worksheet offers directions for completing grounding exercises. To complete the worksheet, the therapist and the client should work together and review each grounding technique.

Begin by reviewing the introduction on the worksheet. Explain what a grounding exercise is and how it can help the client cope with their feelings. Review each grounding technique and practice them with the client.

Instruct them to answer the reflection question associated with the technique you are reviewing before moving on to the next technique. Provide the client with a copy of the worksheet to use as a reference when needing to cope with stressors.

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