Bedtime Thought Log Worksheet

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Worksheet published on July 17th, 2023

Bedtime Thought Log Worksheet

There are many reasons why a person may have trouble sleeping. Among the most common challenges that come with sleep issues is having racing or anxious thoughts right before going to sleep. Many clients will struggle with falling asleep because as they try to fall asleep they are overwhelmed with thoughts that demand their attention. The thoughts prevent them from being able to relax and fall asleep.

Such thoughts can be so intrusive that the client to stays up all night, becoming more anxious and exhausted as the hours pass by. Some may also find themselves waking up in the middle of the night with anxious thoughts that affect their ability to fall back asleep. Having methods for managing anxious or racing thoughts at bedtime can help a client sleep more soundly.

About This Worksheet

This is the Bedtime Thought Log worksheet. The purpose of this worksheet is to provide a space for a client who is struggling with anxious thoughts at bedtime to transfer the thoughts that are preventing them from falling asleep from their minds onto paper.

The Bedtime Thought Log worksheet can help clients with sleep issues relax their minds because it provides a space to record anxious thoughts that may feel urgent and are preventing them from falling asleep. The client can record their thoughts on paper and put the thought out of their mind without the risk of forgetting it. It will be there for them in the morning when they have the time and energy to address it. This can help with reducing the urgency of the thought at bedtime.

Adolescents and adults who are struggling to get restful sleep due to anxiety or stress can benefit from this worksheet. It is to be completed by the client as a homework assignment as needed. 


To introduce this worksheet, explain its purpose and how it can help with improving sleep. You may recommend that the client keep the worksheet by their bedside with a pen or pencil. At bedtime, instruct the client to record any intrusive, anxious, or racing thoughts on the worksheet. 

Explain to the client that this exercise is meant to keep a record of their thoughts, so they do not forget them and are given the space to address the thoughts at a more reasonable time. The goal of the worksheet is to have the client record their thoughts on paper so they do not interfere with their process of falling asleep. The client may also choose to record a list of things that they need to do or cannot forget, so they do not have the stress of needing to remember the thoughts overnight. 

It can be beneficial to instruct the client to keep the record of thoughts brief, and not expand on the thoughts past one sentence. Follow up with the client the following session to determine if recording anxious thoughts were helpful.

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