Weekly Mood Chart Worksheet

GinaMarie Guarino, LMHC

Worksheet updated on July 25th, 2018

Weekly Mood Chart Worksheet

Weekly mood charts are great ways to track the progress of a patient’s mood regulation exercises. With weekly mood charts the patient is able to record any successful or unsuccessful attempts of managing his or her moods and emotions. It is also very helpful for helping the patient identify his or her triggers and ability to utilize coping strategies.

About This Worksheet

Reviewing a chart weekly with a patient is very helpful for tracking moods, thoughts, and triggers and helps both the patient and therapist identify areas of strength and need for improvement. This weekly mood chart is broken down into mood, thoughts, environment, coping strategies and outcome.


The patient should review the mood chart with the therapist to ensure that he or she understands each section of the mood chart before using it for the week. Throughout the week the patient is to record the contents on this sheet and bring in the following week to discuss with his or her therapist. Be sure to remind the patient to record any successes, struggles or questions to review with the therapist as the week progresses.

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