Challenging Cognitive Distortions Automatic Thought Record Worksheet

GinaMarie Guarino, LMHC

Worksheet updated on July 25th, 2018

Challenging Cognitive Distortions Automatic Thought Record Worksheet

After learning what cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is, how it works, and how components like cognitive distortions, automatic negative thoughts, emotions and behavior all contribute to our perceptions, it is important to provide the patient with an automatic thought record (ATR) assignment.

An ATR pulls in all of the material to teach the patient how to use CBT in specific situations. It brings to light how our reactions to situations have just as big an impact as the situations themselves

About This Worksheet

This worksheet is an ATR that breaks down how cognitive distortions impact our core beliefs and how we react to situations.

The worksheet highlights the thoughts, emotions, and cognitive distortions of a given situation and how reconstructing how we approach the situation can affect the outcome. It also helps illustrate the role the patient plays in the negative outcome, showing him or her the power they have to control how they respond.


To begin, the patient will look at the automatic thoughts in reaction to a situation. Then the patient will address what kind of cognitive distortion is being used with these automatic thoughts, along with the feelings and the impact on the sense-of-self it creates.

With this process the patient will see how the cognitive distortion and ANTs contribute to confirming negative core beliefs, distinguishing the difference between reality and perceived reality. Finally, the patient will revisit the situation to evaluate his or her responsibility in the outcome.

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