Simple CBT Model Worksheet

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Worksheet updated on July 20th, 2021

Simple CBT Model Worksheet

When used properly, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a very effective form of therapy. CBT helps people work on their problem behavior by providing a means to understand their thoughts and feelings.

People often react to stressors quickly, and that can prevent them from thinking things through. CBT teaches a person how to slow down their reaction time so they can consider their own perspective of the situation. This helps to prevent impulsive, rash or harmful behaviors. It also helps to minimize negative thoughts and hurt feelings.

About This Worksheet

This is the Simple CBT Model worksheet. On this worksheet, the client is provided with a simple explanation of how CBT works, along with a visual of the target areas that lead to problem reactions.

On this worksheet, the client is able to see the process of CBT. They are also provided with a simplified model of an automatic thought record (ATR). This worksheet is great to use with adolescents and adults who are being introduced to CBT in therapy. It is most effective in individual and group settings.


After providing an explanation of how CBT works and why it is helpful, review the introductory paragraph of the worksheet with your client. Explain to them how each of the 4 major elements affect each other, and how CBT looks at the progression to identify and modify problematic thoughts that trigger problematic feelings and reactions.

Work through the ATR with your client to teach the concept of CBT. When you are confident that the client understands the process, provide them with a second copy for reference and practice in between sessions.

Review results of the worksheet with the client during the following session.

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