Recipe For Happiness Worksheet

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Worksheet updated on April 19th, 2024

Recipe For Happiness Worksheet

Awareness of different emotions is an important part of child development. Learning about basic emotions at a young age can help a child learn how to regulate their feelings and empathize with others. It can also help with learning healthy ways to communicate.

We learn about emotions slowly- what they mean and how to manage them. As we develop, our brain expands, and our understanding of emotions becomes more complex.

Happiness is a common emotion that children seek to experience. Helping children in therapy explore what makes them feel happiness can help them learn how to cope with other emotions, like sadness, fear, and anger.

About This Worksheet

Teaching emotional regulation skills at a young age can aid in developing emotional awareness and self-soothing skills. Fun activities that help children reflect on what makes them happy can also help with developing problem-solving skills and self-sufficiency when coping with stress.

The Recipe For Happiness worksheet helps children learn basic skills for coping with stress and upset emotions. It teaches children how to be responsible for their emotions and how to find things that make them happy when they are feeling down. This exercise helps children feel in control of their happiness.

This worksheet is a great exercise when teaching a child how to regulate their emotions and healthily use coping skills. It can be used with young children in individual, group, and family therapy settings.


On the Recipe For Happiness worksheet, the child is expected to complete two tasks. The first task is to complete the key. Engage the child in filling in four “ingredients” that make them happy- one ingredient for each color.

The second task is filling the cup. Instruct the child to fill up the cup by coloring it in with each color. On the measuring cup, you will see 4 lines. Have the child begin at the bottom, filling the cup to the first line with one color, then repeat with the other 3 colors.

Be sure to complete this exercise with the child and have a conversation about how to use things that make them happy to cope with uncomfortable feelings. This will encourage the client to express how they feel and use their ingredients for happiness when coping with stress.

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