Coping Skills: Anxiety Worksheet

GinaMarie Guarino, LMHC GinaMarie Guarino, LMHC

Worksheet published on November 24th, 2020

Coping Skills: Anxiety Worksheet

Anxiety is an emotion that everyone feels sometimes. Whether a person is seeking therapy for an anxiety disorder or something that is causing them to feel anxious, it is important to understand what anxiety is and how it can affect a person.

Anxiety can cause many uncomfortable symptoms. It is a different experience for everyone, and everyone will have their own methods of coping. While everyone experiences anxiety differently, there are coping skills each affected person can learn to manage their anxiety in the moment.

About This Worksheet

This is the Coping Skills: Anxiety worksheet. This worksheet serves as a useful tool for learning coping skills for anxiety. The worksheet provides three skills that can be used when feeling anxious. Each skill is easy to use and can be helpful for different triggers for anxious feelings.

This worksheet is to be used as a homework assignment for the client to practice between sessions. It can be administered to clients in group or individual sessions, and can be helpful for adolescents and adults.


Provide education about what anxiety is and how it affects a person. Take time during your session to help the client understand their anxiety by helping them identify triggers. You may also answer any questions the client has about what it means to feel anxious.

Before the close of the session, review the three coping skills on the worksheet. Explain to the client how each coping skill can be useful to use in the moment when the client is feeling anxious. Instruct the client to use the worksheet as a reference for minimizing anxious feelings in the moment.

Have the client practice each coping skill during the session. They may also complete the contact chart in preparation for use in between sessions. Provide the client with a copy of the worksheet before closing the session.

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