List Of Emotions Worksheet

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Worksheet updated on December 4th, 2023

List Of Emotions Worksheet

It can sometimes be tough for clients to know what words to use to express what they are feeling. Emotions are complex and can be uncomfortable and overwhelming to talk about without proper guidance and support. When a client struggles to articulate their feelings, it can be helpful to provide a tool to help them identify their emotions.

Since emotions are complex and more than one emotion can be felt at a time, a helpful tool for a client is a list of emotions. A list of emotions can help a client identify and claim what they are feeling. It can also help them understand how their emotions interact with each other and affect how they interpret and navigate life’s challenges.

About This Worksheet

Providing a client with a list of emotions can be a powerful tool when teaching emotional intelligence and awareness. It can help with different therapeutic approaches, like cognitive therapies and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

This list of emotions provides 160 words that a client can use to describe how they are feeling. The List Of Emotions worksheet can be used as a reference in therapy sessions to help clients identify what they are feeling and how to best communicate their emotions. It also provides a visual aid of how different emotions can interact with each other and affect a client’s experience when facing life challenges.


The list of emotions worksheet is a resource that can be used in different ways. A mental health professional may use this worksheet as a reference for educating about complex emotions or aiding a client in identifying what emotions they are feeling.

Print the List Of Emotions worksheet and provide the client with a copy to reference when discussing emotions. It can help clients who are struggling with anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, and more. It is best utilized by adolescents and adults, but may also be used with children if the mental health professional deems it appropriate for the child. The List Of Emotions worksheet can be used in individual, group, family, or couples counseling sessions.

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