Positive Traits For Kids Worksheet

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Worksheet updated on August 28th, 2023

Positive Traits For Kids Worksheet

It is important for children to feel empowered and confident in themselves. Confidence helps a child feel proud, motivates them to learn and engage with others, and helps them build social skills and resilience that will be useful in the real world. Unfortunately, many children find it difficult to identify the positive traits that make them feel confident.

In many circumstances, like cases of anxiety, social anxiety, abuse, trauma, or grief, a child can often feel lost or unable to express themselves. That is why it is important to help a child discover their positive traits. Being aware of positive traits can help them feel more confident, which can help them cope with stress.

About This Worksheet

This is the Positive Traits for Kids worksheet. On this worksheet, the child can explore their positive traits and express the parts of themselves that make them feel proud. Celebrating the good things about themselves will help the child build confidence and a positive self-image.

The Positive Traits for Kids worksheet encourages kids to speak up about their thoughts and feelings. It also encourages them to explore a part of themselves that they previously may not have spoken about. It can be best utilized in individual counseling sessions.


On this worksheet, the child chooses their best traits. They are then prompted to talk about how their best traits make them proud. Allow the child to first circle their best traits, following the directions provided on the worksheet. Then, assist the client in completing the reflection questions.

When the client is finished, review their responses and create a dialogue about how positive traits can boost self-esteem. Use this worksheet to encourage the child to continue speaking about themselves positively. You may provide the child with a copy of the worksheet at your discretion.

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