Cognitive Distortions: Predicting The Future Worksheet

GinaMarie Guarino, LMHC GinaMarie Guarino, LMHC

Worksheet updated on October 17th, 2019

Cognitive Distortions: Predicting The Future Worksheet

Everyone struggles with cognitive distortions. A cognitive distortion is an error in thinking. It is a pattern of thinking that is detrimental to the way clients think about challenges and behave in reaction. A cognitive distortion can cause different issues with stress management, communication, and relationships. It can also affect a client’s self-esteem, self-image, and outlook on the world.

A cognitive distortion that is often seen in clients is predicting the future. Predicting the future refers to assuming the worst of a situation, and assuming one’s own predictions about an outcome will be accurate.

Often, clients will activate the pattern of predicting the future and react to what they assume will happen, rather than what is actually happening. This ends up creating more problems and makes resolution more difficult to achieve.

About This Worksheet

This is the Cognitive Distortions: Predicting the Future worksheet. This worksheet provides an explanation of how predicting the future affects a person’s reactions and behaviors. It provides an example of what predicting the future is, along with a brief definition that is relatable and easy to understand.

This worksheet takes principles from cognitive behavioral therapy to create a reflection exercise for clients who predict the future. The worksheet is great for adolescents and adults. It can be used in individual therapy and group counseling.


Before completing the worksheet, take time to explain what a cognitive distortion is, and what it means to predict the future. Explain how working to minimize this cognitive distortion can create more peaceful problem-solving and facilitate a means for faster resolution.

When the client understands the concept of predicting the future, review the definition provided on the worksheet and the example provided. Instruct the client to respond to the reflection questions. Then, review the results of the worksheet with the client before concluding the session.

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