Star Jar Worksheet

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Worksheet updated on July 15th, 2020

Star Jar Worksheet

Reinforcement exercises are a helpful tool when teaching children healthy communication and behavior habits. With positive reinforcement, a child learns what types of behaviors elicit positive reactions from people. Through using positive reinforcement techniques children can learn how to behave well in school, at home, and in counseling. A great technique is incorporating a reward system into the child’s routine.

About This Worksheet

This is the Star Jar worksheet. On this worksheet, you will find a jar that is intended to collect star stickers. The star stickers are earned when the child practices good behaviors. Every time the child practices good behavior, they are rewarded with a star to place in the jar.

This worksheet is great for positive reinforcement because it helps children learn effective communication and behavioral skills. It is also instrumental in teaching effective parenting skills to parents who are struggling.

This worksheet is intended to be used with children. It can be useful in a variety of settings, like:

  • School systems and counseling groups
  • Therapy groups
  • Family counseling
  • Parenting counseling
  • Child therapy


On this worksheet, you will first record the name of the child. Then, you will record what the child needs to do in order to earn a star. Provide an explanation to your child about how the Star Jar works. Explain that each time they practice a good behavior, they will receive a star to put in their jar. Set a goal number of stars for the child. Designate a reward the child will receive for their work once they reach their star goal.

In the space provided, outline expected behaviors that can be rewarded with a star. When the child behaves in a way that allows them to be rewarded a star, they are given exactly one star to place in their jar. If the child collects the goal amount of stars by the end of the week, they are rewarded with a prize. This prize is rewarded by the parent or authority figure who is completing the exercise.

It is important to stick to the 1 star per successful task completion. This reinforces the star system, and prevents the habit of negotiating, bartering, or a loss of control from the parent or authority figure.

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2 Comments On Star Jar Worksheet

  1. Shannon McMillan

    I really like using this worksheet with my younger clients who are working on behavior modification.
    We have had to tailor the 15-star requirement for those children whose sense of delayed gratification isn’t developed enough. Some have worked to earn 5 stars by the end of the day to earn video game time that is otherwise off limits. However the requirements are tailored, the visible reminder of the approved behavior works very well with my elementary aged clients! Thank you!

    • Hi Shannon, I am glad to hear that you appreciate the Star Jar worksheet. Using visible reminders is a great method for reinforcing good behavior, especially for young kids!

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