What Is Addiction? Worksheet

GinaMarie Guarino, LMHC GinaMarie Guarino, LMHC

Worksheet published on January 11th, 2024

What Is Addiction? Worksheet

Struggling with addiction is a long-term challenge. It takes a great deal of courage and motivation to start treatment for an addiction, and commitment and patience to succeed in recovery. Addiction can be complex, as it is not only about using drugs.

Addiction can manifest in a person in different ways and cause many unwanted behaviors and consequences. Being aware of the warning signs of addiction and how it can impact a person can help them invest in addiction treatment. Education about the meaning of addiction and the symptoms an addict will experience can help a client understand how addiction affects their life.

About This Worksheet

Addiction is a complex issue that involves more than satisfying the addiction itself. A person can be addicted to drugs or certain behaviors, and there are often common symptoms a person who is struggling with addiction will experience. The What Is Addiction worksheet provides a summary of what addiction is and the symptoms, warning signs, and consequences an addict may experience.

Adults who are participating in addiction treatment and loved ones of addicts can benefit from this worksheet. It is a concise summary of what addiction is and how it may be affecting their lives. This worksheet can be used in individual, family, or group sessions as the therapist sees fit.


Review the summary of addiction with your client and reflect on how the content may relate to their circumstances. You may choose to review the list of symptoms with the client as well or allow the client to review the list on their own.

When you are confident that the client is ready, allow them time to complete the reflection exercise. They may relate the exercise to themselves or their loved one who may be struggling with addiction.

When the client has completed the exercise, review the results with them and reflect on how they are feeling after completing the worksheet. Use this worksheet as a reference when planning methods to address addiction in therapy.

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