Social Anxiety Hierarchy Worksheet

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Worksheet updated on January 3rd, 2021

Social Anxiety Hierarchy Worksheet

Social anxiety has an effect on how people interact with others. It affects the connections people make with friends and family. Social anxiety can cause a great deal of stress for affected people, and can be really frustrating to manage everyday.

Those who seek help with social anxiety aim to learn how to manage their symptoms so they can be more comfortable around others. It takes a lot of work, but with time and patience, a client can learn how to manage their symptoms. A great way to approach treatment for someone with social anxiety is through a hierarchy of exposure.

About This Worksheet

This is the Social Anxiety Hierarchy worksheet. Evidence supports that an effective way to approach social anxiety is through a hierarchy method. This worksheet provides a means for a client to map out their triggers for social anxiety.

Through completing the Social Anxiety Hierarchy worksheet, the client and therapist can work together to improve coping skills for managing difficult triggers for social anxiety.


On this worksheet, the client is instructed to organize a list of triggers for social anxiety from most tolerable to least tolerable. Instruct the client to review the provided list of social anxiety triggers and place each trigger in the appropriate level of the pyramid.

The most tolerable triggers are listed at the bottom, moderately tolerable triggers in the middle, and least tolerable triggers at the top.

Instruct the client to include triggers that are not provided in the list but affect the client regularly. Review the worksheet with your client to develop a plan to work through each level of the hierarchy pyramid. This worksheet is helpful for adolescents and adults and can be used in individual and group therapy settings.

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