Self-Exploration Sentence Completion Worksheet

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Worksheet updated on July 17th, 2021

Self-Exploration Sentence Completion Worksheet

Self-image is an important part of understanding who you are as a person. Many people who seek therapy struggle because they do not have a good relationship with themselves. They do not understand who they are, and that can be for many reasons.

Sometimes people are so distracted with who they want to be they struggle to get to know who they are now. People can also be so preoccupied with being who everyone else needs them to be, that they forget to be who they need to be for themselves. The struggle is when you do not have a good relationship with yourself, you cannot live to your fullest potential.

Whether your goal is to be happy, wealthy, or be surrounded by family, you must have a good relationship with yourself. Taking the time to get to know yourself can be a powerful exercise, and many people who seek therapy need to see who they are before they can work on their struggles.

About This Worksheet

This is the Self-Exploration Sentence Completion worksheet. On this worksheet, your client is asked to explore who they are through a self-exploration exercise. The self-exploration sentence completion exercise focuses around personal values, desires, strengths and weaknesses. They are sentences prompted to help the client reflect on who they are in the present moment. It also helps to portray an image of what the client wants from life.

This worksheet is ideal for adolescents and adults. It can be helpful in a variety of settings, including individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling and couples counseling. It can be particularly helpful for people who are struggling with anxiety, work stress, depression, relationship issues and low self-esteem. This can also be utilized as a homework assignment.


Before assigning the Self-Esteem Sentence Completion worksheet to your client, explain that the goal of the worksheet is to help them begin the process of building a relationship with themselves. Explain why having a healthy relationship with yourself is important, and how it can help them be successful in therapy and in their life.

Instruct the client to work on completing the sentences. Allow the client space and time to complete the worksheet on their own. When the client is complete, review the results of the sentence completion exercise with them. Then, use the results to facilitate a discussion about who the client is, what their values are, and how they would like to move forward with getting to know themselves.

Provide a copy of the worksheet to the client for their reference.

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