Printable Emotion Faces Worksheet

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Worksheet updated on December 13th, 2023

Printable Emotion Faces Worksheet

Children in therapy often have a hard time healthily expressing their emotions. Emotions can be overwhelming for kids, and their ability to express what they are feeling depends on different factors.

It is not uncommon for a child in therapy to struggle with understanding, identifying, and expressing their emotions. In such cases, a visual aid helps because it offers a guide for matching expressions to emotions. Having pictures of faces that match emotions can help children relate to their emotions and learn how to identify and express their feelings healthily.

Visual aids like illustrations help children understand things that they may not be able to see in the real world. Since we cannot see our feelings, children may struggle to know what word to match with their biggest emotion. The Printable Emotion Faces worksheet helps children in therapy understand and claim their feelings healthily.

About This Worksheet

Providing a visual aid when learning about emotions can help kids in therapy who are struggling with emotional and behavioral challenges. It is a fun way to learn about different emotions and how to express what they are feeling. This worksheet presents 36 emotions with corresponding emojis. It helps the child match their emotions to the faces on the emojis.

This worksheet helps the child by providing a visual aid that will help them connect the feeling with the word. It will also help teach them how to express their feelings through facial expressions.


The Printable Emotion Faces worksheet is a reference for children in therapy who are learning how to understand and express their feelings. It can be used with children up to 12 years old and may be used in individual, group, or family therapy sessions.

Present the worksheet to your client and instruct them to circle the emotion they are feeling. Then, have the client complete the reflection question. When the client has completed the reflection question, discuss their response with them and explore healthy ways to express their emotion to others.

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